Dear forest education enthusiast

IUFRO and Silva Network invite you to building joint efforts on forest education. I see this personally very important and your opinion really matters to me. Participation takes only few minutes. We have two steps:


Step 1: Between Tuesday this week (June 4) and Monday next week (June 10) you are invited to post (anonymously) your own proposals to question “As a forest enthusiast, what could you and your team do to enhance forest education?”  You can select the most suitable time for you to respond this question. Duration 2-4 min. You can post anything from 0 to several answers.

Step 2: From Tuesday (June 11) to Thursday (June 13) you are invited to see what others have anonymously proposed and carry out some voting.   Duration 1-2 min.

The result will be ready by Friday June, 14 and they are delivered beforehand to all participants of Silva Network 2019 meeting and published on IUFRO-IFSA Global Outlook on Forest Education (GOFE) blog. Results are elaborated and discussed further during June 19 business session 11-12 a.m. in Silva Network annual meeting.


Please be free to have a look on these forest education proposals published by United Nations Forum on Forests 14 in May  2019:

and also the results from Best Practices on Forest Education competition:

Please take your time and participate by clicking the link below:

Thank you so much already now,

Mika Rekola,

IUFRO Forest Education WG6.09 Coordinator